Guided by our values, we seek to lift our capacity for innovation – providing the environment, facilities and opportunities our people need to work collaboratively and creatively.

Our Values Compass

Our values guide our decisions and interactions with colleagues and with our external partners and stakeholders. Our values are symbolised through our Values Compass.

CSIRO's values are: integrity of excellent science, trust and respect, creative spirit, delivering on commitments, and health and sustainability

A compass with the CSIRO logo in the centre. Surrounding the points of the compass includes the words:

  • integrity of excellent science
  • trust and respect
  • creative spirit
  • delivering on commitments
  • health, safety and sustainability.

CSIRO's Values Compass guides our decisions.

  • embracing scientific excellence and working together ethically and with integrity in everything we do
  • building trust and respect each day with our communities, partners and colleagues, knowing that with trust comes accountability
  • igniting our creative spirit, exploring new horizons and creating an environment where innovation thrives
  • consistently delivering on our commitments (‘do what we say we will do’)
  • striving towards a healthy, safe and sustainable future.

Our people

Our people and culture are fundamental to our current and future success in delivering positive impact for Australia and humanity. Guided by our values, we seek to lift our capacity for innovation – providing the environment, facilities and opportunities our people need to work collaboratively and creatively.

We pride ourselves on recruiting staff whose creativity and skill matches their enthusiasm for science. Our employees come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds – people who are able to challenge conventional thought, offer unique perspectives and generate innovative ideas. Together, they enjoy sharing information and exchanging knowledge, and experience the satisfaction of finding innovative ways to reach goals.

Diversity in the workplace

We recognise the diversity that different people bring and value the contributions they make to their team and the whole organisation.

CSIRO is committed to developing and maintaining a culture that respects, values and actively pursues the benefits of a diverse workforce and in which discriminatory policies and practices are not tolerated.

— Workplace Diversity Plan 2002–2006

Building your career

We actively promote ongoing training and other development opportunities to our staff. Through these initiatives, we aim to enhance job satisfaction and performance, and assist in the preparation for new roles or changes in career direction. For further information please visit our Career development page.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out standards of behaviour expected of employees in their day-to-day work.

The four main principles are:

  • it is expected that staff perform their duties with professionalism and integrity, and work efficiently to enable CSIRO to meet its research and corporate goals
  • fairness, honesty, equity and all legal requirements are to be observed in the conduct of official duties and during interactions with clients and members of the public
  • real or apparent conflicts of interest are to be avoided
  • there is to be adequate protection of intellectual property and confidential information and strict observance of business and commercial protocols, while you are an employee and after you leave the organisation.

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