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Depending on the scale and nature of the challenge or problem and our expertise, we may undertake research on a contract basis to provide you a specific solution. Alternatively, we may work with you to scope out a larger research program that requires joint commitment and a collaborative approach.

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A partner to businesses

As we get to know your business better we can work together on more substantial challenges.

We have built strategic alliances with a number of world leading companies. These alliances allow us to pursue a series of mutually beneficial long term research goals.

GE and CSIRO have both led some of the greatest innovations of the last century. We started working with GE in 2007, and in 2010 we stepped up our work together to form a strategic alliance. Hear what GE has to say about what this partnership is delivering.

[Music plays CSIRO logo and text appears: We asked CSIRO]

[Funky music plays and image changes to the reception area of GE]

[Image changes to Ben Waters, GE]

Ben Waters: So we started working with CSIRO in 2007 on aviation materials.

[Image changes to a jet landing on a runway]

GE manufactures jet engines and we're always on the lookout for new and better materials to improve the performance of engines.

[Image changes to people in different laboratory settings]

We also are working with them in healthcare. We've got a big healthcare business. But a core part of the healthcare work is the detection of Alzheimer's disease. We asked CSIRO to put their worlds best clinical trial together with our imaging agent flutemetamol and our diagnostic imaging machines.

[Image changes to monitors showing scans of a persons' brain]

So we would image a sample of people in Australia and try and demonstrate that this imaging agent does pick up the early onset signs of Alzheimer's disease.

[Image has changed back to Ben]

It's been great to watch the Alzheimer's work come together over the last couple of years and we're now at that exciting stage where we're imaging real patients with this imaging agent, with these machines and building a database that's going to help in future to detect Alzheimer's ten, 20-years earlier than is possible at the moment, allowing patients to be alert to the possibility to change their lifestyle, to change what they're doing and hopefully prevent the full on set of Alzheimer's disease.

[Image changes to people in different laboratory settings and then a city scape]

In the energy field I've been excited to work with CSIRO over the last couple of years in working on how can we effectively decarbonise the energy supply in Australia.

[Image changes to two wind turbines in action and then to electrical wires]

We're also working with CSIRO on imaging what the electricity grid at 2050 looks like.

[Image has changed back to Ben]

Putting some hard modelling behind that, so there's some very exciting projects on the energy side. [Music plays and CSIRO logo appears with the text: Big ideas start here www.csiro.au]

We asked CSIRO - GE :  Ben Waters describes GE's alliance with CSIRO.

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