CSIRO’s RNA interference (RNAi) technology is an effective tool to reduce or silence gene expression in plants and animals.

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The RNAi gene silencing technology can be applied in a range of industries including:

  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals and therapeutics for humans and animals
  • Research.

We’re now seeking companies who wish to license our RNAi technology to apply it in their own business.

Our RNAi interference technology can be used to:

  • Create advanced pharmaceuticals
  • Identify important traits in plants or animals, and control how they are expressed
  • Develop new traits in plants or animals
  • Develop potent therapeutics
  • Develop novel transgenic animal models
  • Enable directed breeding and diagnostics development
  • Research whole-genome and functional genomics.

CSIRO is working in partnership with commercial and academic collaborators to develop specific applications for RNAi. So far, RNAi gene silencing has been successfully applied to:

A photo of oil and safflower seeds being poured out of a laboratory beaker, the oil was produced with CSIRO RNA interference (RNAi) gene silencing technology.

RNAi gene silencing technology has enabled scientists to develop a safflower seed oil that contains more than 90 per cent oleic acid, a valuable fatty acid for industrial applications.

  • Plant breeding
  • Plant disease resistance
  • Biopharmaceuticals.

RNAi technology has broad applications, so we’re open to companies who want to apply this technology in their own R&D, or to develop, market and sell products incorporating RNAi.

In parallel, our scientists continue to innovate and develop new tools, technologies and techniques to improve RNAi delivery, potency and ease of use.

Interested in applying or licensing this innovation?

We seek partners who can apply our solutions to their business or industry.

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