Cheaper, more flexible CO₂ supply on site, on demand and directly from air.

A revolutionary technology to capture CO2 from ambient air for use as a gas or for conversion to pure, pelletised dry-ice for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

Cheaper, more flexible CO₂ supply on site, on demand and directly from air.


  • Our CO2 generator prototype produces up to 2 tons per annum of CO2.
  • Power requirement is only 2.3 kWh per kg-CO2 or 573 W.
  • Generates pure CO2 directly from air (Direct Air Capture) using small footprint unit.
  • Moves from fixed centralised production to distributed production of pure CO2 and products (e.g. dry ice), minimising transport and storage costs.
  • Enabled by novel high surface area and tuneable Metal Organic Framework (MOF) materials.
  • Optimised for performance in the presence of moisture and for best energy economics.
  • Written testimonials obtained from several industry early adopters, with field trials being planned.
  • Investment funds and partners currently being sought to take the product to market.


  • Distributed dry ice on demand
  • Liquid or gaseous CO2
  • Beverages and breweries
  • Greenhouses.

Intellectual Property

  • Background IP includes a suite of 14 patents covering improved MOF materials, scalable methods of MOF manufacture and deep know-how for tuning properties for specific applications
  • Some IP to be selectively licensed out for exploitation in field-limited applications.

The Team

The Airthena CO2 team is a sub-set of the MOF team and comprises material scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technicians that have developed a leading direct air capture prototype.

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