Conservation grade varnish for protecting artworks.

The preservation of irreplaceable works of art is critical for their longevity as cultural heritage assets in both public and private art collections. Varnishes are applied to oil paintings to provide a physical protective layer and additionally impart an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Varnish coatings need to be stable, have the correct visual and handling characteristics and be selectively removable.

We have used cutting-edge flow chemistry technology to develop a bespoke fine-art resin with minimal discolouration or cracking over time. CSIRO's leading capability in flow chemistry allowed the team to develop the resin in a safer, cleaner, more efficient way than traditional chemical manufacturing. This in turn delivered improved colour, chemical stability, and consistency between batches.

Manufacture with this novel process results in higher quality material as the chemical process is more consistent compared to traditional large-scale batch production methods. This control translates to less material waste and better environmental outcomes. MS3 production is licensed to a local Australian manufacturer.

MS3 is a conservation grade varnish for protecting artworks and objects

We can develop other bespoke resin coatings for conservation applications such as objects or acrylic paintings and are actively seeking interest and investment.


  • Specialty resin developed for conservation and cultural heritage applications
  • Preferred handling, appearance, longevity and reversibility
  • Consistent quality due to improved flow chemistry production methodology


  • Specifically designed for surface protection of oil paintings
  • May be further developed for other applications such as objects

Intellectual Property

  • Production technology licenced to Boron Molecular.

The Team

The MS3 team comprises of conservators, material scientists, engineers, chemists and technicians that have developed the technology over the last 3 years.

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