Mapping Australia’s Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals future.

The challenge

The CSIRO Futures team worked with the Commonwealth Government's Industry Growth Centres to develop a set of Industry Roadmaps. The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap is one in this series, developed in close collaboration with MTPConnect and the broader industry. The report aims to paint a vision for the future of Australia's MTP industry, and help industry realise this vision by identifying several enabling actions.

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap report cover

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap

Our approach

The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap was developed in close collaboration with industry – with input provided by various leaders from across Australia's medical technology and pharmaceutical SMEs, large companies, academia and industry associations.

To inform the report, CSIRO Futures conducted extensive desktop analysis and numerous interviews with industry stakeholders and subject matter experts from across the breadth of CSIRO.

Analysis and consultations focused on understanding megatrends driving the industry and Australia's competitive advantages and disadvantages to identify four blue sky industry growth opportunities:

  • smart devices
  • implants and bionics
  • accelerated pharmaceutical development
  • manufacturing high-value pharmaceuticals, and
  • diagnostics and informatics products and services.

To inform the strategy of the sector and individual businesses, each growth opportunity examined Australia's global position, competitors, partners, buyers and threats. It explored how Australia could be best positioned for each opportunity and the role that science, technology and innovation could play.

Consultations together with deep analysis of the opportunities led to the identification of several enabling actions.

Outcome and Benefits

The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap identified four broad growth opportunities, indicating both the potential and the need to act to maintain Australia's strong position.

The Roadmap outlines short, medium and long-term actions and considerations that need to be addressed to fulfil each opportunity. Further, the Roadmap highlights several change themes that were common across each opportunity, requiring business and broader ecosystem action to enable the growth of the sector.

Since its release in 2017, the report has been used to help communicate the potential that medical technologies and pharmaceuticals have in Australia. It provides businesses with intelligence to help inform strategy and has stimulated discussions between senior decision makers in industry and government on the importance of the Australian industry.

Download the report

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap [pdf · 3mb]
Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap [html · 1mb]

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