Building on the 2018 National Hydrogen Roadmap, CSIRO has created a new report outlining research, development and demonstration priorities and opportunities for the nation.

The new report outlines steps to translate Australia's strong hydrogen research capability into a key pillar of the nation’s energy and export profile. It found that investing in research can solve industry challenges to create five key national opportunities: hydrogen imports, and integration of hydrogen into gas networks, transport, electricity systems, and industrial processes.

A strong R&D base, but room to grow

Australia's performance in hydrogen research is extremely strong, evidenced by both increasing volume and by recognition amongst the global research community.However, conversion of research into IP and impact has not followed the same trend.

Market activation and realisation of opportunities requires investment amongst various stakeholder groups (e.g. industry, government and research) so that the hydrogen industry can continue to scale in a coordinated manner. While global hydrogen industry developments will address many market activation challenges, RD&D is required to overcome current barriers and help stimulate demand.

Importantly, solving the challenges identified can have a multiplier effect that boosts demand for hydrogen – particularly in large scale industrial settings – and encourages further hydrogen supply cost reductions through improvements in efficiency and economies of scale.  Further, it can help to grow technology, manufacturing and service businesses that provide highly competitive solutions to the hydrogen industry and are differentiated using science, technology and innovation.

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