The Low Emissions Technology Roadmap provides an independent, science-based analysis of the technology options in the energy sector that can help Australia meet its 2030 emissions reduction target and create new opportunities for local industry.

In April 2016, CSIRO was engaged by the Australian Government to develop the Low Emissions Technology Roadmap to inform the 2017 Climate Policy review. The objectives of the report were to understand the technology options Australia has at its disposal to meet its emissions abatement commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement as well as provide new economic opportunities for Australian industry.

Cover of The Low Emissions Technology Roadmap report.

The Low Emissions Technology Roadmap was prepared for the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy to provide input to the Government’s 2017 Climate Policy Review.

Options for a rapidly changing energy sector

The global energy sector is in the midst of a significant transition, driven by new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The report establishes a framework for understanding the range of technologies available, current barriers and enablers to deployment. The technologies are grouped according to a series of options or ‘pathways’ that the Australian Government could invest in. Each have different risk profiles and associated opportunities.

Extensive opportunities waiting to be realised

While the transition to a low emissions economy is often framed in terms of cost, this transition will also create demand for new products and services both in Australia and in export markets. Australia is endowed with some of the world’s best energy resources, has good skills in low emissions technologies, strong institutions and established trading relationships with key consumers of energy. This report outlines where such advantages exist within the energy sector and demonstrates where Australia can benefit from a domestic and global transition to low emissions energy.

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