The Cyber Security Roadmap – enabling growth opportunities for Australia.

Cyber security - vital for future industry growth

Cyber security has never been more important, both as an enabler for Australian industry and as a source of economic growth itself. At present, Australia's cyber security sector is small; however, it is forecast to triple its revenue over the coming decade due to increased demand for cyber security products and services.

cover of cyber security road mpa - blue wiht sun streaming throguh clouds. Says - Cyber Security A Roadmap to enable growth opportunities for Australia - CSIRO Futures. AustCyber and CSIRO logo on bottom.

The Cyber Security Roadmap focuses on digital opportunities that are likely to be adopted across Australia's priority growth sectors.

A vision for the cyber security industry

A globally competitive Australian cyber security sector that enables Australian organisations to pursue digitally driven growth, and supports greater trust and confidence to participate in the international economy.

Enabling the vision

Three themes have been developed via diverse industry consultation to understand how cyber security solutions can lead to more effective organisation and business operations, and improve Australia's overall cyber security posture to take advantage of digital transformation.

  • Trusted ecosystem: creating digital ecosystems that are highly trustworthy, allowing for rapid exchange of information and providing a stronger environment for trade.
  • Secure by design: ensuring new products, services, platforms and processes are designed with cyber security as a key consideration.
  • Robust and resilient: building greater cyber maturity and resilience in Australian industry and communities by developing a robust security culture.

Cyber security (fingerprint scanning icon) roadmap diagram.

Detail includes text and icon representing the areas of focus:

  • medical technologies and pharmaceuticals (pill icon)
  • mining equipment, technology and services (tripod frame and pulley icon)
  • advanced manufacturing (computer chip icon)
  • oil and gas (oil well pump icon)
  • food and agriculture (wheat icon).

The themes cut across sectors, and discuss how Australia can embed cyber secure behaviour by building trust, improving design processes and raising overall cyber‑resilience.

To help Australia's cyber security sector pursue growth opportunities, this Roadmap focuses on digital opportunities that are likely to be adopted across Australia's priority growth sectors; those sectors selected by the Australian Government as areas of competitive strength and strategic priority: Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals; Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; Advanced Manufacturing; Oil and Gas; and Food and Agriculture. Cyber security, positioned as a horizontal sector, will be an enabler to each of these industries in their pursuit of digital transformation, global competitiveness and growth.

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