Working closely with CSIRO’s health and medical technology experts, our team has helped a range of customers prepare for future disruption and growth. We have informed and developed health related industry growth strategies, provided regulatory guidance on emerging technologies, and provided a vision for the future of Australia’s health system.

Cover of Victoria's Nutraceutical Industry roadmap

This report identified growth opportunities for a Victorian nutraceutical industry.

Victoria's Nutraceutical Industry

This Roadmap helps senior decision makers across industry and government identify growth opportunities for a Victorian nutraceutical industry. While the report focuses on Victoria and its competitive advantages, the nutraceutical value chain often crosses state (and national) boarders, with many of the growth opportunities applicable Australia wide.

Several enabling actions and R&D priorities aim to promote growth of an evidence-based industry and drive Victoria towards being a global hub for nutraceutical ingredients, research and product development.

Download the report:

Victoria's Nutraceutical Industry Roadmap

Front cover of the Future of Health Report

The Future of Health Report is a vision for a new approach to health

Future of Health: Shifting Australia's focus from illness treatment to health and wellbeing management

The Future of Health report provides a vision and plan for how Australia can shift focus away from illness treatment and towards the holistic management of health and wellbeing. Key enabling themes include empower consumers, addressing inequity, unlocking the value of digitised data, supporting integrated healthcare solutions and integrating with the health global sector. Recommendations were informed by comprehensive consultation across government, health insurers, educators, researchers and professional bodies.

We're working towards a new approach for healthcare in Australia.

Download the report:

CSIRO Future of Health

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap report cover

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals: A Roadmap for unlocking future growth opportunities for Australia

The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap discusses key sectoral steps including setting up a coherent and uniform regulatory and health framework across all states, supporting private industry in its pursuit of MTP innovations, ensuring our future workforce has the STEM education and skills to work in this field, and ensuring a commercial focus so that research is targeted at outcomes with potential high commercial value.

Download the report:

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap

Australia's Biosecurity Future report cover

The report uses strategic foresight to identify major biosecurity trends and risks that Australia may need to respond to over the next 20-30 years.

Australia's Biosecurity Future — Preparing for future biological challenges

The report — Australia’s Biosecurity Future: preparing for future biological challenges — uses strategic foresight to identify major biosecurity trends and risks that Australia may need to respond to over the next 20-30 years. The report identifies five biosecurity megatrends and twelve potential megashocks across Australia’s plant and animal industries, marine, environment and human health. These megashocks highlight the broad ranging risks that a strong biosecurity system must be prepared for across the domains of human, animal and plant health.

Download the report

Australia's Biosecurity Future

Medical stethoscope and hand held device

 ©lev dolgachov

Understanding the emerging medical devices landscape and the associated regulatory environment

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) engaged CSIRO to conduct research in order to build an understanding of Australia’s Software as a Medical Device innovators, and to learn how and when agencies such as the TGA can support them in demonstrating safety of their products on the global market. In addition, CSIRO conducted research into medical device cyber security to support the development of a TGA guidance document. This will assist the medical devices ecosystem to implement best-practice approaches to cyber security.

Australia’s Software as a Medical Device innovators

Cover of the Food and Agribusiness Roadmap report

CSIRO Futures worked with industry and researchers to identify major growth opportunities and what the food and agribusiness sector needs to do to achieve them.

Food and Agribusiness: A Roadmap for unlocking value-adding growth opportunities for Australia

Over the next 20 years, Australia’s food and agriculture sector has the potential to strengthen its position as a small but significant exporter of sustainable, authentic, healthy, high quality and consistent products. This Roadmap seeks to support Australian food and agribusiness in its transition to a collaborative, growth oriented, high value-adding and clearly differentiated sector. This is laid out by discussing current and emerging trends, ascertaining market opportunities and challenges, and identifying key science, technology and business enablers.

Download the report

Food and Agribusiness Roadmap

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