A Roadmap to unlock future growth opportunities for Victoria.

Cover of Victoria's Nutraceutical Industry roadmap

This report identified growth opportunities for a Victorian nutraceutical industry.

The report aims to help senior decision makers across industry and government identify growth opportunities that Victoria can pursue to reach the vision for the future. These opportunities outline areas for investment, including supply chain gaps that present potential new revenue streams for Victoria’s primary production industry and new product innovation prospects that are driven by global industry trends.

While the report focuses on Victoria and its competitive advantages, the nutraceutical value chain often crosses state (and national) borders, with many of the growth opportunities applicable Australia wide.

Several enabling actions and R&D priorities are highlighted to promote growth of an evidence-based industry and drive Victoria towards being a global hub for nutraceutical ingredients, research and product development.

This report draws on consultation with industry stakeholders from across the supply chain alongside CSIRO's research expertise.

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