We partner with local and global organisations to deliver energy solutions, services and research focused on sustainability and productivity.

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Petronas is the national oil and gas company in Malaysia.

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We asked CSIRO to help us way back in 2007. We approached them and explained to them about our problems.

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Pipeline and rises, as you can imagine, are critical assets for our business.

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So we spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that they run smoothly and there are no unplanned shutdowns.

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We needed to repair our pipelines underwater, but unfortunately there were no systems that would allow us to take these repairs subsea.

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CSIRO came up with a resin that would allow us to incorporate engineering fibres into it. With the engineering fibres and resin, we were able to have a composite material that we can take subsea.

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And we applied it in our rises in one of our offshore platforms.

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Since then, we have commercialised the product and in the last two years we have applied this new repair system in our operations, in over twenty operating units.

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Although currently we are targeting the application in the oil and gas industry, we are actually actively looking at opportunities to apply in the mining industry, in the marine industry and also in general engineering industry.

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The skills and expertise of the team at CSIRO that we work with, complemented the skills of the Petronas team very well.

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They have great scientists, they have great resources and most of all, they have a great track record.

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We partner with local and global companies to deliver energy solutions for a sustainable future. We also work with state and federal governments, universities, research agencies and industry groups. These partnerships range from the provision of testing services and short-term contracts, to in-business scientists for SMEs, or longer-term research and strategic alliances.

We work with our partners on research that aims to:

  • improve the affordability, reliability and grid integration of renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind and biofuels
  • provide the transport sector with sustainable fuels and energy storage solutions
  • improve the way Australia uses energy at home and at work by using new technologies and improving the electricity grid
  • provide government and industry with the tools, data and modelling capability to inform policy assessment and investment decision making.

Our facilities, which can be accessed by our partners, include test facilities for air conditioning (HVAC), our Renewable Energy Integration Facility, and large scale solar demonstration facilities.

Our successes through partnerships

Through our partnerships we have delivered many commercial solutions. Our UltraBattery will soon power hybrid electric vehicles across North America, our OptiCOOL and ComfortSENSE technologies are helping building owners dramatically reduce their energy consumption and costs by up to 30 per cent, and a unique zero emissions house design is now available.

We are also part of a five-year R&D alliance with GE, which is exploring the future for Australia's electricity system. We're also working with Boeing on biofuels for aviation and with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on air turbines for solar thermal power plants.

Do business with us to help your organisation thrive

We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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