ON Connect@Lindfield is specifically designed for hardware start-ups in the devices and IoT space.

Congratulations to our first 5 successful applicants who have just finished their ON journey. We feel very privileged to have had you on board!

Over eight weeks (five sessions face to face), the intensive pre-accelerator experience provided hardware start-ups with the business knowledge, connections and technical expertise to enhance their sustainable business model, seek funding support for runway and apply for further acceleration or incubation.

One of Australia’s leading technologists, David Ireland, was the facilitator.

Proudly supported by the NSW Government Boosting Business Innovation Program, this program brings together specialised facilities and technical experts at CSIRO’s Lindfield Collaboration Hub.

Meet our first Cohort of graduating teams who have just completed their ON Connect@Lindfield experience.


Asthma related diseases result in 400 allergic-asthma related deaths that cost Australia $30B p.a.

Orbit Australia Pty Ltd

To tackle this, Jacob Malana and his team are producing an asthma app called PollenSmart. It provides an automatic, location based, alert service through satellite-based remote sensing techniques in real time. This app provides an auto‑alert service to asthma sufferers which enables better control and management of asthma symptoms.

Thanks to ON Connect@Lindfield, Orbit Australia have been able to clearly define their business model and simplify their prospective customer demography.


We all know the frustration of waiting on hold for customer service support or struggling to submit a service request through a web base portal. With service call dropout rates as high as 60%, and only 40% click through completion levels, customer satisfaction is in decline with these traditional approaches.

1btn - One Button

1btn founders, Anand and Matthew identified an opportunity to produce a simple, intelligent and intuitive reordering solution with the power of IoT – and it’s as simple as the click of a button. 1btn simplifies service requesting and product reordering, while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

They chose ON Connect@Lindfield to fine tune their product-market-fit and now have a clearer picture of how their product can make an impact.


More than 1 billion people live off-the-grid and in poverty – with a number of these being farmers who are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Their best chance to break out of poverty is via improved agriculture practise.


Matt Carr and Greg Denn have designed a revolutionary product: a solar powered mill for those living without power and in poverty stricken regions.

Agsol produces efficient, robust and affordable solar powered agro-processing machines that convert harvested staple foods, such as maize, rice, and cassava, into edible and high value products. Not only is this technology relevant in food production, but it is an enabler of energy access on a transformative scale – power for a house, business, school, health clinic or nano‑grid.

Why ON Connect@Lindfield? Greg and Matt wanted a clear direction and to broaden their network. They wanted to make sure their solution was addressing a real and relevant problem in the market and, potentially, identify new markets for its application. ON Connect@Lindfield gave them the tools and opportunity to successfully do this.


Statistics show that 39% of residential builders are affected by theft or vandalism and 65% of victims experience more than one incident. Not surprisingly, the cost of these crimes is passed on to the home owners. Dmitri Gamaiounov and Dmitri Iakouba wanted to create a holistic security system for construction sites.

Connected Control Systems Pty Ltd

Their site monitoring unit allows: 

  • Remote site monitoring via the 4G network.
  • An alarm notification via SMS or email to notify of any activities outside of business hours.

Why ON Connect@Lindfield for them? The CCS team wanted to clearly define and refine their market, and to build their own relationships.


Globally more than 1 billion people have inadequate access to reliable electricity supplies, and a further 2.2 billion cook indoors with coal or firewood. cleverHeart founder, Ian Scrivener has developed a pay-as-you-go solution to provide greater accessibility of solar energy to communities in underdeveloped nations.


The model enables:

  • Solar devices to be controlled and monitored remotely
  • Versatile applications – It can be used in multiple solar technologies.
  • Increased productivity, reduced carbon emissions, improved health, resilience, education opportunities, and empowerment of women and young girls.

Why ON Connect@Lindfield? cleverHeart wanted to better understand how to effectively communicate with their customers and users. They also saw great value in ON’s extensive mentor network to offer connections and ‘been there before’ style advice.

If you are interested in the ON program please visit our website for further information.

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