Put the world’s best and brightest minds to work on your challenge.

Our 5000 experts are busy experimenting, researching, creating, building and solving complex challenges. So whether you need R&D to address a specific challenge or you’re seeking a long-term strategic research alliance (like GE, Boeing and Orica have) look to the people ranked in the top 1 per cent globally in 15 of 22 research fields. Tap into our strengths to improve productivity; deliver cost savings; increase competitiveness; develop new products and services; and inform decision making.

How we can work together

Research to fit

Depending on the scale and nature of your challenge, you can undertake research on a contract basis or explore a larger research program based on a collaborative approach.

License our technology

We have a track record in developing disruptive technology that’s key to unlocking competitive advantage. Uncover it via our Commercialisation marketplace.

Access our facilities

Utilise Australia's national research facilities and scientific infrastructure to assist with the delivery of research.


Improve efficiency, productivity and competitiveness by rapidly transitioning low- and high-tech concepts to industry-ready prototypes.

Solutions for SMEs

Locate the right research expertise and capabilities to develop new products, improve processes and increase your competitive advantage.  

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