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Peter Graham: CSIRO relocated its cotton breeding activities to Narrabri in the early 80's. Cotton Seed Distributors is a small commercial seed company based in Wee Waa.

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The relationship between the two parties is one of the most important relationships, I believe, in the Australian cotton industry.

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Today we are the only commercial company providing the Australian cotton industry with germ plasm.

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One hundred percent of the varieties we are selling today come from CSIRO. So any cotton grower who is producing cotton today, is growing CSIRO bred material.

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The material that CSIRO has produced contains high yield, high quality, disease tolerance and is widely adaptable. Since the introduction of biotechnology in the CSIRO varieties, we've seen a significant reduction of insecticide use.

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In fact, numbers quoted in the industry, indicate a reduction of up to 85% of the pesticides we were using in the industry.

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[Camera pans the entire cotton field and processing buildings]

In the middle of one of the worst droughts Australia has experienced, we asked CSIRO to consider a long term relationship with us.

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That relationship was negotiated when the cotton industry was basically on its knees.

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Today CSIRO material has been grown in the U.S, South America, South Africa and in Europe. The majority of the success of this variety however has been in the Australian market.

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As we look across the whole of agriculture, there are a lot of great things CSIRO have done, CSIRO are doing, and I'm sure CSIRO are looking at doing in the future.

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We are now in a very lucky position, so that the Australian cotton grower can be assured of receiving the varieties that will keep him competitive year in, year out from CSIRO and C.S.D.

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We asked CSIRO - Cotton Seed Distributors

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Our work directly with farmers and related industries helps us understand the challenges agricultural businesses face, develop a shared vision of how science can make the greatest difference and ultimately deliver practicable solutions.

Farmers participate directly in our research, ensuring experimental results reflect the real world environment and solutions can be implemented in the farming enterprise. For example we worked with Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture for ten years to selectively breed the black tiger prawn and with Meat and Livestock Australia to help breed hornless cattle.

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We are among the world's largest agricultural research organisations providing access to comprehensive scientific and industry expertise from the scale of the gene, through animal, paddock and farm scales, to the landscape. The industries we collaborate with are similarly diverse from grain and cotton, through viticulture and horticulture, to sheep and beef industries in differing climatic and landscape environments.

We can also harness research capabilities from other parts of CSIRO that are not traditionally associated with agriculture research. Our plant breeding and nutrition scientists worked hand in hand to develop our BARLEYmax grain and substantiate its health benefits. We worked with Australian Capital Ventures Ltd and the food manufactures to establish products using BARLEYmax, providing farmers a market for this high value grain and also delivering health benefits to the Australian community.

We also partner with other research organisations to ensure the best capability is brought to bear on a problem, such as leading a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded project involving institutions around the world to develop self-reproducing hybrid crops for African farmers or working with the University of Queensland and Queensland State Government researchers to solve challenges faced by the Northern Australian beef industry.

Flexible collaboration options

The means by which we can collaborate are similarly diverse from service provision through to multi-year strategic agreements meaning we can work with you in the manner most appropriate to your organisation, the challenge or opportunity we’re addressing and the intellectual property contributed to or being generated by the research.

Research service provision contracted by the client enables us to work confidentially on addressing a challenge or generating a competitive advantage. Longer term strategic research, often in collaboration with partners, enables research to solve problems and create opportunities that affect the whole of industry, now or in the future. For example, for many years we have worked closely and co-invested with the Australian cotton industry and its peak bodies to deliver new cotton breeds to help the Australian cotton industry remain sustainable and competitive over many decades.

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