We work in partnership with businesses, universities and governments. Work with us to create our data-driven future.

[Music plays and text appears: Data 61]

[Image changes to show a graphic of the Earth with balls of light bouncing between countries and leaving a trail of light] 

Narrator: The world around us is changing… fast! Data is shifting the way we live and work. In five years this revolution will influence every industry,

[Flashing images of a wind farm, a hand sweeping a across a field of crops and people working in an office play on screen] 

changing the way we do business globally.

[Flashing images of people moving through an airport and a man operating a handheld device play on screen] 

This moment is our time,

[Image changes to show time lapse footage of cars driving along roads and then moves to show people working on handheld devices] 

our time to drive, shape and accelerate data research and commercialisation.

[Image changes to show a scientist looking at a DNS strand on a transparent tablet] 

To do this we are creating a research powerhouse for the nation with a global context.

[Image changes to show bees with a small chip secured to their backs] 

Our people will be the drivers of this change.

[Image changes to show a machine soldering computer boards] 

Their ideas will catalyse industry and solve some of our greatest challenges.

[Image changes to show time lapse footage of cars moving along roads through a city, then changes to show a females face smiling at the camera] 

Female: Data 61.

[Image changes to show a male seated and talking to the camera] 

Male: Data 61.

[Image changes to show a female talking to the camera] 

Female: Data 61.

[Image changes to show a different female, seated and talking to the camera] 

Female: Data 61.

[Image changes to show a male talking to the camera]

Male: We are Data 61. 

[Image changes to show a different male talking to the camera]

Male: [Foreign words – 0.55]. 

[Image changes to show pictures of many different faces]

Narrator: Data 61 – creating our data driven future. 

[Music plays and text appears: Data 61]

We are Data61


We're creating the D61+ Partner Program (D61+), an innovation network focused on data-driven disruption for Australia but with global context. D61+ supports this network in the way we connect and manage our key partnerships across academia, corporations, startups, federal and state government agencies, investors and entrepreneurs.

For incubators and startups

We're working with incubators to bring leveraged value to Australian startups. Under the partnership, startups who participate in D61+ will receive access to global networks, technical and domain expertise, capital and commercialisation pathways. This includes giving incubators access to information around the capability and technology IP which exists within Data61, as well as invitations to selected training events, meetups or public seminars hosted by Data61. 

Startups will be offered access to capability and technical expertise related to data capture, analysis and use including data science, data engineering, user experience (UX) design and human factors; the opportunity to license IP to improve the competitiveness of their business and to allow them to scale faster; and access to commercialisation pathways through our trusted collaboration partners.

For governments, industry and research organisations

We're proud supporters of the eGov Cluster, which is a national cluster of organisations from government, industry, research and academia. Cluster members collaborate to strengthen ICT’s role in the Australian government sector and through this advance both public administration and the ICT industry in Australia.

Logo for the e-Gov Cluster - ICT innovation in government.

The cluster promotes engagement between ICT innovators and government agencies to improve:

  • service delivery
  • communication with citizens
  • transparency
  • savings in costs and environmental impacts through streamlined operations.

eGov Cluster supports ICT innovation through a number of channels:

  • collaboration projects through which Government identifies, develops and trials new technologies.
  • networking events promoting ICT innovation to government including eHealth, Open Data, mobility and cloud computing such as the Digital Canberra Challenge.
  • participation in major conferences and tradeshows such as FutureGov and CeBIT.

Find out more or join the eGov Cluster .

Do business with us to help your organisation thrive

We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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