We partner with public, academic and private sector entities, nationally and internationally, to solve the complex challenges that arise from the demands and impacts of human activities on the environment.

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Joe Ross: Well CSIRO has, over the last sort of five to ten years, has placed a lot of importance on creating partnerships with Aboriginal people.

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At NAILSMA, based in Darwin, the group was looking at establishing methodologies for this carbon farming initiative and one of them was fire abatement.

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We asked CSIRO to assist the Aboriginal Traditional Owners to work towards improving up the methodology. A very important issue for Aboriginal people in northern Australia to be able to continue the land management practices that have been carried on through thousands of years.

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Nowadays, it's very important that Aboriginal people in northern Australia, with the assistance of NAILSMA, be able to capture the traditional science and knowledge that's embedded in the Aboriginal community and the Traditional Owners and the senior Elders of the community and translating that into practices that assist good land management.

[Image changes to a fire abatement project in action with a group of people supervising it and then back to Joe]

There's a two way learning process, not only for the Traditional Owners, about the importance of recording their knowledge, but also for western scientists to understand and to enhance their skill base.

[Image changes back to the camera panning over different environmental settings, the fire abatement project and then back to Joe]

I think, at the end of the day it's the scientist actually understanding Aboriginal culture in northern Australia and then being able to work with the senior elders and the Traditional Owners of the country to be able to create a project that Aboriginal people are able to take up ownership, full ownership of and full control of, especially on their traditional grounds.

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CSIRO Land and Water partnership

Our partnerships range from long-term, multi-partner strategic relationships through to short-term research and testing services.

We provide integrated scientific research and solutions that inform policy, planning, adaptive management, decision making and public debate in a range of sectors including: agriculture, mining, urban, infrastructure, oil & gas, petrochemical & manufacturing, water, natural resource management and emergency services. Examples include:

  • Cumulative risk-based impact assessments for the resources sector
  • Integrated land and water resource assessments incorporating climate change impacts to inform policy and development decisions
  • Adaptive management options for the protection of natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Tools for forecasting, predicting change, decision support and governance
  • Transformative environmental sensing and information management solutions.

We manage a number of national collections and facilities including:

  1. the pyrotron, a national bushfire research facility for testing the combustion and spread of bushfires to improve fire safety and fire-fighting for Australian communities
  2. the National Soil Archive.

We offer a range of technical services including environmental spectroscopy analysis of soil, sediment and water for detection of contaminants.

We directly employ more than 500 scientists and technical experts, making us the largest single research provider of land, water and ecosystems sciences in Australia.

Our successes through partnerships

Our activities have delivered significant benefits to Australian business and community and increasingly to our international partners;

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We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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