Our research is based on multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering capabilities and uses world-class infrastructure. We partner with industry to develop innovative products and processes that allow Australian manufacturers to be globally competitive and environmentally sustainable.

For over 100 years CSIRO has worked with Australian businesses large and small. We help to develop different techniques for designing and manufacturing products and components, create new materials to solve a problem, and are available as a research brains trust to help with big and small challenges.

While CSIRO works with government and industry, our remit is to use science to create impact, which often means putting solutions in the hands of the people who need it the most, and in doing so helping a business grow.

Manufacturing’s relationship with materials science is changing – from heavy industry to high tech products based on sustainable, advanced manufacturing processes. Likewise, businesses are changing too and are ready to adapt and pivot to servicing new markets, with different solutions.

Our science and engineering skills, equipment and international connections are helping Australian manufacturers – and businesses that might not quite be thinking of themselves as a manufacturer – be locally relevant and globally competitive.

Modern Manufacturing Strategy

CSIRO is also supporting work led by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) to implement the Modern Manufacturing strategy , which is a whole-of-government strategy aimed at helping Australian manufacturing scale-up and become more competitive and resilient — creating jobs for now and future generations.

Its vision is for Australia to be recognised as a high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation that helps to deliver a strong, modern and resilient economy for all Australians.

As the national science agency, and with our long-standing history of working with Australia’s businesses, CSIRO’s role in the Strategy will include supporting the development of industry-led roadmaps and ensuring science and technology helps manufacturers leverage economies of scale, knowledge transfer and innovation.

DISER is also undertaking a second round of its Manufacturing Modernisation Fund  and aims to support 150 businesses that align with the National Manufacturing priorities . The fund is now open for applications.

CSIRO is your research and development partner

We help businesses solve problems and create opportunities.

Our researchers combine scientific rigour with real world, industrial know-how. Commercially minded, they understand the business drivers influencing your decisions.

Our manufacturing and materials research capabilities include:

  • new metals and additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • batteries and innovative energy solutions
  • advanced fibres, resins and chemicals
  • prototyping and engineered systems
  • vaccines and pharmaceuticals (small molecule and biological)
  • medical technologies – drug delivery, biomedical materials and diagnostics
  • materials characterisation

We have a proud track record of reducing our customers’ risk, while increasing their commercial opportunities and profitability.

As one of the world’s largest, multi-disciplinary science organisations, our equipment includes world class facilities found no-where else in Australia. This enables you to ‘try before you buy’ so you can find the best way to make your product before investing in your own equipment. CSIRO’s support doesn’t stop at the lab door, our SME Connect program provides commercialisation and funding support. 

Connecting your business with CSIRO

  • Do you want to improve your manufacturing processes, develop new products, explore new ideas and grow your business? Contact us.
  • SME Connect: Our national SME Connect team connects Australian small to medium sized businesses with Australia's research sector, facilitating and enabling innovation-driven partnerships through funding, support and resources.
  • Innovation Connections: Innovation Connections is a free one-on-one facilitated service to assist SMEs in establishing research priorities, locating researchers and providing access to funding to fast-track R&D projects.

CSIRO can provide strategy that transforms

The CSIRO Futures team helps companies and governments develop transformative strategies to use science and technology to solve major challenges and create new opportunities for sustainable growth. The team combines CSIRO’s trusted expertise with economic analysis, market insights, and a unique perspective on Australia’s comparative advantages.

The Futures team works at national scale, having published industry and technology roadmaps for nearly every major industry in Australia. These roadmaps are deep dives into sector-specific opportunities, aimed at building consensus amongst senior decision makers in industry, government and research.

Learn more about how the Futures team can help your company here:

CSIRO’s state-of-the-art facilities

CSIRO offers access to our state-of-the-art facilities and expert technicians to work with companies to support innovation. For example:

Flow chemistry

Our FloWorks facility enables businesses to see if their operations can be improved by flow chemistry. Flow chemistry radically improves existing chemical processes allowing for rapid, reduced waste production of chemicals.

Additive Manufacturing

Lab22 is a leading facility for innovation in metallic additive manufacturing. A comprehensive array of equipment and technologies are accessible by industry for research and commercialisation.

Biomedical Materials Translational Facility

BMTF helps MedTech companies turn discoveries into market ready products. It contains the equipment to develop a product though scale-up, prototyping, pre-clinical testing and industry evaluation.

Artists impression of Biologics Facility

Our Biologics Facility provides Australian veterinary and pharmaceutical biotech companies with access to state-of-the-art facilities for biologics production, process development and optimisation.

Food Innovation Centre

Food, ingredient and equipment manufacturing companies access expertise, technologies and support - adopting innovative technologies, improving process efficiency to create high value products for new markets.

close up of a carbon fibre sheet

Carbon fibre combines high rigidity, tensile strength and chemical resistance with low weight. It’s increasingly being used across industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, clean energy and sporting goods to replace traditional materials like steel and aluminium.

isometric view of new testlab facility

Industry 4.0 presents a prime opportunity for Australia to invest in leading manufacturing processes. The Testlab facility will kickstart this new industrial age.

mixed reality lab

The Mixed Reality Lab at CSIRO's Data61 will allow manufacturing and other industries to create 'Digital Twins' or virtual replicas of objects and systems, to optimise overall efficiency.

Case studies

Ready to learn more about research and development and partnering with CSIRO?

We can work with you to improve your manufacturing processes, develop new products, explore new ideas and grow your business.

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