Our research is based on multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering capabilities and uses world-class infrastructure. We partner with industry to develop innovative products and processes that allow Australian manufacturers to be globally competitive and environmentally sustainable.

[Music plays and animation appears on screen of a factory, and a person flying an aeroplane appears]

Narrator:  Australia has a long history of making stuff, and we’re pretty great at it, which has made manufacturing a key part of our economy.

[Image changes to show the aeroplane flying over multiple factories and traffic]

The industry employs over a million Australians, accounts for around 8% of our GDP, and 30% of our exports.  But we’ve got some challenges ahead.

[Image changes to show multiple aeroplanes flying around]

There’s increased competition from developing nations, a fluctuating Australian dollar that makes profits and costs unpredictable.

[Image changes to show coins falling from the sky and hitting the aeroplane]

Australia has lower productivity growth than our competitors, and the move toward a low carbon economy means a lot of old methods don’t work anymore.

[Image changes to show a fuel gauge showing empty on the aeroplane and it crashes to the ground]

But because we’re Australians, and we’re a damn resourceful bunch, we’ve got a plan.

[Image changes to show a sign appear with the CSIRO logo, and the aeroplane moves along a conveyor belt]

We’re stepping in to help manufacturers with new and advanced technology, including metallic 3D printing, from surgical implants, to plane parts.

[Image changes to show a sign with text:  Metallic 3D printing]

[Image changes to show various images of the aeroplane being modified as it moves along the conveyor built]

[Image changes to show a sign with text:  Biomedical Manufacturing]

Biomedical manufacturing for new medical treatments and technologies.

[Image changes to show a sign with text:  Techwear]

Smart chemicals and textiles, from carbon fibre to wearable tech.

[Image changes to show the person flying the aeroplane wearing new clothing]

[Image changes to show a sign with text:  Protech]

Industrial prototypes, including wafer thin printable solar panels.

[Image changes to show the aeroplane being modified into a rocket as it moves along the conveyor built]

Smart materials that can fit the surface area of a football field into a single gram.

[Image changes to show objects being dropped into a machine which are then processed and deposited into the aeroplane]

And intelligent industrial environments where people and autonomous machines can work safely and productively side by side.

[Image changes to show the aeroplane moving onto a lift and a robotic machine gives the person in the aeroplane a high five]

Using all of these new techniques we’re working with the manufacturing industry to create innovative new products, highly skilled jobs, and huge economic benefits.

[Image changes to show the lift moving upwards and text appears to the right of the screen:  New Products; Skilled Jobs; Economic Benefits]

And that’s going to get Australia blasting into a strong future.

[Image changes to show the rocket taking off into space]

[CSIRO logo appears with text: csiro.au/manufacturing]

Manufacturing our future

We see many opportunities for growth for Australian manufacturers, in areas such as advanced manufacturing, medical technologies, metal processing, aerospace and fibre industries. We help translate innovations in products and manufacturing processes to industry by taking scientific breakthroughs through the journey of development and scale-up to pre-commercial levels.

We focus on increasing rates of discovery and reducing risks for our customers, enabling businesses to boost their commercial opportunities and profitability by adopting innovations. Our partnerships with universities and government agencies further support the translation of innovations to industry.

The pain-relieving drug Penthrox™ (commonly known as the green whistle).

We engage with Australian manufacturers and support SMEs in many different ways:

  • through industry workshops to identify opportunities for creating new solutions for Australian manufacturers
  • by exploring new business models, such as easy and low cost access to IP platforms for Australian owned and operated companies for use in Australia
  • by incubating new companies
  • through exploring the use of crowd sourcing to fund product development
  • by seconding staff to work with our partners in their organisations
  • by making the expertise of our senior researcher accessible to industry through our consulting services
  • through industry outreach to assist in their adoption of new business methods.

Do business with us to help your organisation thrive

We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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