The Phenopod is an instrumented, climate controlled greenhouse with a state-of-the-art, automated high throughput phenotyping tool and data analytics.

Phenopod facility.

Phenopod facility.

The system is fully autonomous, and offers: RGB imaging, thermal imaging as well as fluorescence imaging capabilities. Through the use of the facility plant scientists will progress their understanding of the relationship between a plants' performance and its genetic make-up.

The facility will allow users to apply non-destructive phenomic measurement technologies to conduct research in the areas of:

  • plant growth characteristics
  • response to chemical treatment
  • photosynthetic characteristics and response to stresses
  • water use efficiency
  • nutrient use efficiency.

The Phenopod is located in Canberra at CSIRO Black Mountain Science and Innovation Park, a hub of collaboration for CSIRO scientists with research institutions such as the Australian National University.

The facilities at CSIRO enable access to cutting edge technology as well as world leading expertise in plant and soil science, specifically:

  • high-throughput automated imaging and computing technology on a commercial system with capacity of 400 plants
  • high-throughput phenotyping service for a range of plants including, but not limited to, wheat, barley, maize, rice and cotton
  • digital image processing and data analysis
  • controlled water / liquid nutrient supply at individual plant level
  • consultation on project design
  • transparent, itemised pricing for use of facility.

Process for accessing the PSI Imaging Glasshouse

To be considered for use of the imaging glasshouse, all project applications must:

  • utilise camera and imaging infrastructure
  • only contain plant material that is non-GM in nature
  • all applications will be reviewed by a scientific review panel.

Use this service

For further information on capability, access and availability, please contact:

Candice Sheldon ( or Michael Schaefer (

CSIRO Black Mountain
Building 101, Clunies Ross Street ,
Black Mountain ACT 2601

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