The Collaborative Crystallisation Centre (C3) at CSIRO is Australia’s only full-service crystallisation centre. We offer nano-volume crystal screens and protein expression.

Our many services include:

  • nano-volume crystal screening
  • working with membrane proteins
  • protein formulation assays.

CSIRO's Collaborative Crystallisation Centre is:

  • experienced — we have completed millions of unique crystallisation experiments
  • certified — we are an International ISO certified R&D testing laboratory
  • fast — our core systems operate every minute of the year
  • cost effective — at least 50 per cent cheaper than manual, in-house experiments
  • easy to use — try our 1-Click Screening.

Our collective years of expertise and ready access to adjunct technology means that we can complete a full gene to structure workflow, with particular strengths in drug discovery and bio-industry applications.

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The Collaborative Crystallisation Centre (C3), is Australia's only full-service crystallisation centre. You can book your experiment, drop off your sample and wait for the result.

Please visit our Collaborative Crystallisation Centre website for full details of how to use the service.

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