C3 is Australia’s only full service crystallisation centre, specialising in crystallisation screening and optimisation experiments. Register your Institute to gain access to the Centre.

Before you can create an account with the Collaborative Crystallisation Centre (C3) you will need to have a signed contract in place between your Institute and CSIRO, agreeing on the terms and conditions under which we may conduct research for you.

Once CSIRO receives your information, we will create an Institute Usage Agreement contract and send it to you to be signed. Usually someone in the business/legal group has the appropriate delegation authority.

When the signed contract is returned to CSIRO, we will add your Institute into our C3 access list, then anyone from your Institute will be able to register as a user simply by completing the new user registration form.

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Janet Newman
Centre Manager - Collaborative Crystallisation Centre

Phone +61 3 9662 7326
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The contact name should be someone with authority to sign on legally binding documents, e.g. your business manager or a group director.
The client name refers to your research institute or group, not just the University or parent organisation. For example CSIRO-Ento is a good client name, as opposed to just CSIRO or just Ento.
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