We provide specialised analytical water testing of estuarine, coastal and oceanic waters in support of environmental monitoring projects as well as diverse scientific research.

We run two fee for service laboratories based in Hobart and Perth. Our expertise is based around achieving results with high accuracy and precision at low concentration levels.

Equipment and analytical testing of water samples


In our labs we measure ammonium (NH4+), silicate (SiO44-), phosphate (PO43), nitrate+nitrite (NOx), and nitrite (NO2) at a wide range of micromolar concentrations.

We use a segmented flow auto analyser (Seal AA3).

We also offer in situ nutrient analysis for small field-based projects and high spatial resolution data requirements including the Seal AA100, Global FIA FloTracker, and Systea Wiz.

Nutrient Analysis by Seal AA3
  Silicate Phosphate Nitrate + Nitrite (NOx) Nitrite Ammonia
Analytical Range
(µmol L-1)
112 3 42 1.4 2.0
Method Detection Limit
(µmol L-1)
0.2 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02
(actual @ 1 µmol L-1)
±0.017 ±0.024 ±0.019 ±0.14 ±0.302


  1. The reported uncertainty is an expanded uncertainty using a coverage factor of 2 giving a 95% level of confidence.
  2. The ammonia MU precision does not include data for the CRM.


Salinity measurements are performed on a Guildline 8400 Autosal. This instrument measures conductivity, which is then converted to salinity in units of Practical Salinity Units (PSU).

All instruments are calibrated yearly by CSIRO’s Calibration Lab and are calibrated by the analyst prior to each analytical run.

  Measurement Range
Salinity 0.005 – 42.0 ± 0.001 PSU

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen is measured by UV titration. We use an instrument built by SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography. The method our analysis uses is based on a whole-bottle modified Winkler titration of Carpenter (1965) with modifications by Culberson et al.

  Measurement Range
Dissolved Oxygen 0.2 – 200 µmol L-1

General Information

We can provide guidance and support for your sampling methodologies as well as storage, handing and transport advice.

Chain of custody practices ensure your sample integrity. You log your samples in via our website using your own sample numbers. Samples are checked upon receipt and comments logged.

Depending on samples, we can cater analysis/report turnaround time to your needs.

Accuracy and precision

If low level accuracy and precision are of concern, please speak to us prior to sampling so we can advise on best practices for sampling and storage.

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To engage Hydrochemistry services, please contact:

Ms Cassie Schwanger (Hydrochemistry Team Leader - Oceans and Atmosphere)


  • +61 3 6232 5042

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