We provide a range of services to help improve the acoustic environment in buildings, optimise the acoustic behaviour of products and certify acoustic performance.

Our acoustic testing services

We undertake acoustic research for companies and provide advice on compliance with the noise control provisions of building codes.

Our services include measuring acoustic levels, such as:

  • airborne sound insulation of walls, floors, doors and windows
  • impact sound insulation of floors and walls
  • impact sound reduction of floor coverings
  • sound absorption of materials and objects
  • sound absorption and acoustic impedance
  • sound power level of sources
  • airflow resistance of acoustic materials
  • loss factor of vibration damping materials.

Examples of our acoustics work

We have been involved in a number of high-profile acoustic research projects that highlight the range of services we offer, including:

  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel — we tested a range of prototype silencers for insertion loss and aerodynamic noise.
  • Aircraft noise in Sydney — the Commonwealth Departments of Transport and Administrative Services commissioned us to conduct an acoustic evaluation to provide technical advice on the insulation of houses exposed to aircraft noise in Sydney.
  • Acoustic rating of windows — the Residential Window Association commissioned us to develop a national acoustic rating scheme for windows to provide ‘a level playing field’ for the window industry using a single-number rating scheme based on scientific testing.
  • Measuring noise from industrial chimneys — We developed a flush-mounted microphone turbulence screen that could be used to measure the sound propagating inside a chimney flue.

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We offer services and contract-based research to business, industry and government.

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