We specialise in weather performance assessment of the building envelope in our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited test facilities.

Our facade engineering services

We offer services to assess the weather performance of new facades, and analyse the weather performance of existing facades and windows.

Our services include:

  • Determining facade weather performance — We developed SIROWET, our own comprehensive and integrated facade performance test, which formed the basis of the current Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 4284). It is internationally acknowledged as the most appropriate test method for assessing the performance of multi-layered facade systems. Tests can be performed in our laboratory on prototypes or on existing buildings.
  • Prototype testing for approval or quality assurance — We can perform assessments on prototype building elements for product approval and/or quality assurance. We can conduct structural, weather performance and thermal cycling tests on full-scale facade test samples to meet Australian and a range of international Standards.
  • Facade test consulting — We offer independent third party supervision of tests and compliance confirmation of facade performance at third party laboratories domestically and internationally. We can also provide research-backed support services for the design, construction and commissioning of facade testing facilities/laboratories.
  • Recommendations for cost-effective remediation —We can perform site water tests (AAMA 501.1) to troubleshoot problems with existing buildings, provide detailed recommendations for rectifying the identified deficiencies.

Other weather performance related services

Our expertise and services also extend to the following areas of the built envelope:

  • Windows – we can test aluminium, timber and uPVC windows and sliding doors to assess performance and compliance to the relevant Australian (AS 2047)/International Standards.
  • Glass and safety glazing – we can provide advice on the use of glass and its various applications, troubleshoot problems with existing systems. We offer testing services for performance assessment and classification of safety glass (AS 1288). 
  • Wind load performance of roofing and wall cladding systems – we can test the roof and wall cladding elements of buildings for performance for use in cyclonic and non-cyclonic wind regions in Australia (AS4040, NCC Low-High-Low Pressure Sequence). 
  • Roof tiles – we offer facilities for the assessment of roof tiles and associated components in dynamic weather resistance, flexible pointing and other ridge fixing systems (AS2050). 
  • Weather proofing performance assessment of external walls as per NCC verification methods FV1 and V2.2.1.
  • Louvres and vents – we can conduct performance ratings of louvres and vents to establish discharge coefficient and effective aerodynamic areas (AS4740).

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