We test smoke alarms to ensure they meet Australian Standards.

Smoke detectors, or smoke alarms, are required in all Australian homes as they can help save lives by acting as an early warning system for fire.

We test smoke alarms to ensure they meet Australian Standards  ©Tuomas Luukkonen (wikimedia)

We test smoke alarms in our fire testing and certification facilities to ensure they meet the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 3786 through our ActivFire® certification scheme.

Our facility is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and we provide testing in accordance with the current Australian Standard for photoelectric and/or ionisation smoke alarms.

You can check to see if your smoke alarm has been tested by CSIRO to ensure it meets Australian Standards on the ActivFire® website .

We recommend that you buy smoke alarms that meet the Australian Standard and ensure they are maintained and tested in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Only working smoke alarms save lives.

The legislation and regulations regarding smoke alarms, and recommendations on the type of smoke alarm to use, vary between jurisdictions in Australia. We recommend you contact your local authority for further information.

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