We offer independent hydraulic testing services and special-purpose equipment designed to help you meet the standards and certification requirements of the plumbing industry.

Our services for the plumbing industry

We provide comprehensive consulting and testing services for the plumbing industry to verify water and plumbing products.

Our services include: 

  • research into new products or product development
  • testing products for compliance with a broad scope of standards or technical specifications 
  • research into product performance and performance comparisons
  • justification for receiving ‘authorisation for use’ for products not covered by an existing specification
  • investigations of product or system failures.

Our equipment includes:

  • Pipe, tap and valve sustained pressure, temperature and mechanical susceptibility test rigs
  • A metrology laboratory for the measurement of thread and product dimensions
  • A chemical laboratory for the measurement of the resistance of products to corrosion, porosity, delamination, discolouration or defects by reagents.

We can also design custom rigs to cater for unusual product design.

Independent, accredited and quality testing

Our performance tests are conducted to both Australian and international standards and a wide range of Australian Technical Specifications.

We are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities to determine the conformity of plumbing products connected to the water supply system that require WaterMark or WELS certification.

We also offer:

  • dezincification resistance of copper alloy products
  • chemical analysis, including DR analysis of copper alloys
  • analysis of stainless steel materials.

Use this service

  • Interested in hydraulic testing, WaterMark or WELS certification?
  • Ask us about our additional plumbing product evaluation and test methodologies. 

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