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[Music plays CSIRO logo and text appears: We asked CSIRO]

[Image changes to outside Popina Food Services building. Then inside to someone operating a forklift and muesli bars being made]

[Image changes to Arnold May, Popina Foods]

Arnold May: Our core business has always been in food manufacture, primarily muesli based breakfast cereals and more recently over about the last ten years we've been making muesli bars.

[Image of different muesli based food products on shelves appear on screen]

We'd heard about a new grain that CSIRO had developed over many years called BARELYmax through their Food Futures program.

BARLEYmax is a grain that has been developed through non-genetic means by CSIRO, it has got the highest fibre of any grain that's on the market and it has a very particular type of fibre and that's called resistant starch, which CSIRO scientists and other scientists around the world are now discovering has got enormous benefits for our digestive health.

[Image changes to show the factory production line in action and then zooms in on the completed products]

We asked CSIRO to more or less authenticate the type of products that we were making in terms of the health that we were offering our consumers and they've been able to do that.

[Image changes to the camera panning in on different areas of the factory and then back to Arnold]

The relationship has been a good one with CSIRO. [Image changes to show the muesli bars being moved along another part of the production line and then back to Arnold]

Through the CSIRO brand and their name, which is a very recognised brand in Australia, we believe that it's helped us, our brand enormously, we're a stronger business now and I have had a very good overall relationship with CSIRO and very happy to have worked with them and hopefully we'll continue to work very successfully with them into the future.

[Music plays and CSIRO logo appears with the text: Big ideas start here www.csiro.au]

We asked CSIRO Xstrata Technologies :  Lindsay Clark from Xstrata Technology talks about doing business with CSIRO.

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