Incubator Support helps the incubators supporting Australian start-ups with an international focus.

Part of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, the Incubator Support Initiative provides new and existing incubators with funding to help start-ups develop the capabilities to succeed in international markets.

There are two streams: Expert in Residence, and New and Existing Incubators.

Expert in Residence

Helps incubators increase their capabilities and improve the chance of commercial success for start-ups in international markets by organising and providing access to top quality research, managerial and technical talent through secondments of national or international experts.

The experts you nominate must have the skills and expertise to:

  • work directly with your program’s start-ups to improve their chance of international commercial success
  • increase the capabilities of your incubator

Matched project funding of $5,000 to $100,000 is available to eligible incubators for up to 1 year.

New and Existing Incubators

Provides incubators the help they need to:

  • deliver high-quality services for start-ups, improving their chances of commercial success in international markets
  • assist first-generation migrant and refugee founders establish their business nationally and internationally
  • assist start-ups with a regional focus expand and scale their business.

Funding from $13,000 to $250,000 is available for up to 2 years. It covers up to 65% of eligible project value in regional areas, or up to 50% in major cities.


To get a New and Existing Incubators grant, you must either:

  • operate an existing incubator
  • establish a new incubator.

Your incubator must foster and facilitate the development of innovative start-ups focused on international trade.

You must have an Australian business number (ABN) and be one of the following:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
  • an incorporated not for profit organisation
  • a publicly funded research organisation (PFRO)
  • a local government agency or body.

You must provide:

Your project must:

  • include eligible activities and expenditure
  • have an eligible project value of at least $26,000 for projects in major cities
  • have an eligible project value of at least $20,000 for projects in regional areas.

Find out more and apply

Our experienced facilitators are based across Australia and can apply their breadth of industry experience in manufacturing, medtech, energy, food, agriculture, and supporting industries to assist your business in identifying research needs and opportunities. Get in touch with one of our team for a free consultation.

Alternatively, to learn more about the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, visit or call 13 28 46.

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