CSIRO assisted Alkane Resources to learn more about their key gold deposits and inform better exploration planning.

The challenge

Developing a prospect requires in-depth knowledge

Alkane Resources is an ASX-listed Australian mining and exploration SME with a focus on gold, zirconium, niobium and rare earths. Alkane has recently developed three of their gold deposits in New South Wales to production.

Each gold deposit differs slightly from the other in terms of its orientation and mineralisation. A better understanding of what controls these differences and their geology helps inform company decisions during ore extraction.

Our response

Applying new advanced 3D modelling technology

Through a Department of Industry Researchers in Business project coordinated by our SME Engagement Centre, Alkane gained access to advanced 3D modelling technology. Using the models with structural data from drill cores and assay values helped visualise the mineralisation of the deposits.

By collaborating with our earth science experts to use the technology, the company could characterise the deposits and improve their exploration program.

The results

Progressing exploration with more confidence

  • “This valuable information has helped us optimise our strategies and techniques, and has allowed us to progress our exploration program with more confidence,” said Alkane’s chief geologist, Terry Ransted.
  • Led by Peter Schaubs, the team 3D modelled structural data from drill cores and assay values to build a better picture of the mineralisation of the deposits.
  • The research validated prior assumptions, bolstering Alkane’s understanding of the shape of the deposits.

This project was supported by the Enterprise Connect Researchers in Business program, which was an Australian Government initiative which provided funding to support the placement of researchers directly into businesses to help them develop and implement new commercial ideas.

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