CSIRO assisted Precedence Health Care to develop a new smartphone application that could transform the care of chronically ill people.

The challenge

Increasing connectivity between health professionals and patients

Precedence Health Care accelerated their business growth through a collaboration with CSIRO to develop a health app.

Precedence Health Care provides cdmNet, an online service to healthcare providers for managing patients with chronic disease. This system helps health professionals provide better longitudinal care for patients.

CEO Professor Michael Georgeff saw an opportunity to connect cdmNet to smartphones to increase connectivity. This would facilitate patient self-management of their disease and improve health outcomes. “A mobile application would help patients collect all their healthcare data in one place,” Prof Georgeff said. “They could easily login and see their care plan, including different measurements that their doctor may have taken such as their glucose levels or blood pressure.”

Our response

Developing a new smartphone app

CSIRO experts Rajiv Jayasena and Hang Ding worked with the company to create a smartphone application (app) to meet their business needs.

The results

Greater patient engagement is key to better health

  • Precedence were able to expand an existing service offering.
  • “The value in this product is increased connectivity with the patient, as evidence indicates that greater patient engagement is key to better health outcomes in the long run… This is part of a longer term investment strategy, and once we have evidence of improved patient outcomes we will expect to see returns on the product,” said Prof Georgeff.

This project was supported by the Enterprise Connect Researchers in Business program, which was an Australian Government initiative which provided funding to support the placement of researchers directly into businesses to help them develop and implement new commercial ideas.

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