We worked with Queensland company TAE to help them commercialise our Guardian Mentor Remote (GMR) wearable technology system to make it available to the global aerospace industry.

The challenge

Remote aeroplane maintenance

In the aerospace industry, costs associated with aircraft downtime are a critical issue. TAE provides maintenance and engineering support for the aviation industry and they saw an opportunity to commercialise the GMR technology to help the industry utilise it all around the world.

Integrating this new technology into their business required direct assistance from the developer to tailor it for the aviation industry and get it ready for commercialisation.

Our response

Wearable tech for the aerospace industry

Through the Federal Government’s Innovation Connections program the CSIRO SME Connect team embedded a researcher into TAE’s business.

We helped TAE commercialise wearable tech for the aerospace industry.  ©Fountx™

The CSIRO researcher who helped develop the GMR system is working with TAE to troubleshoot integration of the system into TAE’s business. The researcher will also train and support TAE staff so that they can construct and maintain GMR systems for TAE’s customers.

The results

Commercialisation in full flight

The integration of the GMR technology into TAE for will allow them to repair and maintain aircraft for their customers remotely. They’ll be able to offer a more a more affordable service especially with remote customers.

Using the GMR system, it is just like the expert is in the room with you, even if they’re in another state or even another country. That means there is no more waiting days to get aircraft back up and running.

Once TAE have customised and tested the GMR system specifically for the aerospace industry they will be able to commercialise this innovate product and offer it to similar businesses all around the world.

TAE is making this unique technology available to the global aerospace industry as Fountx™ .

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