The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is Australia's largest repository of data on animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms. The ALA provides free online access to valuable biodiversity data, including collections records from Australia's museums and herbaria, biodiversity research data from universities and research organisations, and survey data from government departments.

The Atlas of Living Australia is helping us gain a better understanding of Australia's unique biodiversity.  © Maratus splendens, Stuart Harris

Access to the ALA's vast repository of information about Australia's amazing biodiversity is available at The Atlas of Living Australia .

The ALA provides free Australian Curriculum aligned, flexible and easy to use educational resources for F-12 educators wanting to incorporate use of this valuable tool in the classroom. Step-by-step user guides are also provided.


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The ALA is made possible by contributions from its partners, is supported by NCRIS , is hosted by CSIRO, and is the Australian node of GBIF

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