CSIRO Lab is a STEM education partnership between BHP Billiton, CSIRO and Scitech

two students performing scientific investigations, measuring with callipers and looking through a microscope

At CSIRO Lab students can take part in hands on science and technology activities using specialist equipment they won't find in a typical classroom.  ©

CSIRO Lab workshops feature hands-on activities that use practical applications of science and technology, specialist equipment and are relevant, current and linked to the West Australian Curriculum. They are designed for students in Years 4 to 12 and come with handy pre-visit notes to make your visit easy and successful.

CSIRO Lab school excursions are held at Scitech, City West, West Perth.

Current workshops offered at CSIRO Lab

STEM Workshops:

  • Animation science: Learn about animal lifecycles and communicate what is learnt using models and stop motion animation techniques to create a short film.
  • Digital microscopy: Use digital microscopes to explore living things and their specialised functions and adaptations.
  • Inquiring maths: Nature's secret codes Explore patterns in maths and science and how problem solving and inquiry skills are useful for biologists.
  • littleBits designers: Design an electronic contraption by thinking, making, trying and refining.
  • Robotics: Learn about robots and their place in research and society, before exploring sensors that a robot needs to operate.

Science Workshops:

  • Light, energy, action: Put physical science in motion exploring forces, energy and light.
  • Chemists at work: Be real geochemists and learn about mineral resources.
  • Slime time: Particle behaviour and properties of materials.

Investigating Workshops:

  • CSI: Use science inquiry skills to investigate evidence.
  • How bizarre: Use scientific knowledge to evaluate whether to accept claims, explanations or predictions by testing some bizarre phenomenon.

2019 workshops

See the 2019 Primary: CSIRO Lab workshop schedule .
See the 2019 Secondary: CSIRO Lab workshop schedule .

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CSIRO Lab is a STEM education partnership between BHP Billiton, CSIRO and Scitech.

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