National Science Week is an annual celebration of science and technology. Running from 13-21 August, there are more than 1000 events around Australia you can get involved in. Here are just a few we are participating in.

Science Alive

Adelaide 6-7 August

Science Alive is a science expo with over 70 science-related organisations offering a huge range of engaging hands-on experiences for the whole family as well as spectacular science shows, fascinating magic shows and an amazing range of activities.

Festival of Bright Ideas

Hobart 13 August

Celebrate Tasmanian science and innovation at the Festival of Bright Ideas . Prepare to be engaged in hands-on science activities, performances, workshops, experiments, conversations and more.

Perth Science Festival

Perth 13-14 August

Snakes, stargazing and slime, oh my! Get down to the Perth Science Festival for over 50 interactive stalls, explosive experiments, science theatre and more.

Australian Museum Science Festival

Sydney 13-26 August

The Australian Museum Science Festival celebrates science and innovation over 2 electrifying weeks. The event offers over 300 interactive workshops, talks and shows to school students, community visitors and industry professionals.

Living Science at the Eagle Farm Market

Brisbane 14 August

Explore the links between food, science, technology and the environment at Living Science at Eagle Farm Market . Interactive presentations, hands-on activities for adults and children, live science shows.

Market of the Mind

Melbourne 19 August

Change your perception of the world and see the sensational and the scientific collide at Market of the Mind . Witness live ice-sculpture, inside-out people, eye science and ear songs, win a prize at our science sideshow, see the funny side of science and view some tantalising technology.

Phasmid – Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

Canberra 15 and 19 August

Come along to a reading of CSIRO Publishing’s first childrens’ book Phasmid. Stick around to see ‘Sticky’ – a short animated documentary film about the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect by Jilli Rose, then visit CSIRO Discovery’s very own stick insects in our LIVE CREATURES exhibit. This event is free for younger viewers. Bookings are essential: email or call 02 6246 4646.

An Evening with Amy Shira Teitel

Canberra 16 August

Amy Shira Teitel is, in her own words, a professional "space history nerd". She is a spaceflight historian, fascinated by all things space travel, especially vintage space travel. Join her as she shares the incredible Life and Death of Dyna-Soar , the spaceplane that never was.

Drones, Droids and Lasers at the Museum of Tropical Queensland

Townsville 17 August

Spend a family-friendly night at the Drones, Droids and Lasers event where you'll experience a 3D LaserShow, get the low-down on drones, program an ozobot, try virtual reef googles and much more.

Living Science at the Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne 21 August

Explore the links between food, science, technology and the environment at Living Science at the Market . Make your own fizzing lollies, extract DNA from strawberries, nibble on some chocolate science and taste some mouth-watering cooking demonstrations.

Women in Science

Canberra 23 August

Professor Emma Johnston is UNSW Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research and Head of the Applied Marine and Estuarine Ecology Lab. Professor Johnston will give a seminar on her perspectives in partnering with industry in research, some key science discoveries, as well as her career path. This free event will be held at the CSIRO Discovery Centre in Acton at midday.

Don't forget to register your own event and find out more by visiting National Science Week .

[Sounds of people chattering in background and image of people walking through markets]

[Music plays and screen shows close up of sign with the words Living Science at the Market]

[Image shows people walking through market]

[Image changes to show girl looking through microscope]

[Image changes to show a 3D printer in operation]

[Image changes to show two males talking to each other]

[Image changes to show girl looking at scientific model]

[Image changes to show walking spider robot]

[Image changes to female talking to male stall holder]

[Image changes to show boy looking at sea creatures in a tank]

[Image changes to show market goers being handed scientific samples at a stall]

[Image changes to show two females talking to female stall holder]

[Image changes to show female conducting experiment liquid nitrogen . Image changes to show audience watching the experiment]

ROBOT eyes?

[Image changes to show two female market goers talking to female stall holders]

[Image changes to show person in bee costume with an enlarged microchip on its back walking through the market]

[Image changes to show female looking at the 3D printer in operation]

[Image changes to show a person displaying an experiment with liquid nitrogen and a balloon]

[Image changes to show group of boys taking part in scientific experiment and making sherbet]

[Image changes to show people looking at stall]

[Image changes to show two girls looking through magnifying glasses]

[Image changes to show scientific experiment in a test tube]

[Image changes to show male sitting on roadside in crowd with dog]

[Image pans across market stalls]

[Image changes to show a male chef giving a cooking demonstration at a portable]

[Image changes to show female speaking to market goers]

[Image changes to show someone’s hand holding a large insect]

[Image changes to show female speaking to market goers]

[Image changes to show stall holders speaking to market goers]

[Image changes to show boy standing under person on stilts dressed as preying mantis insect]

[Image changes to show male stall holder speaking to children]

[Image changes to show male stall holder speaking to market goers]

[Image changes to female stall holder speaking to male]

[Image changes to show boy participating in scientific experiment]

[Image changes to show female having her face painted with CSIRO logo]

[Image changes to show male stall holder speaking to market goers]

[Image changes to show LED screen with letters moving across it spelling ‘Welcome to CSIRO’ powered by a hydrogen fuel cell]

[Image changes to female stall holder speaking to female]

[Image changes to show boy spooning sherbet into his mouth from a paper bag]

[Images end showing banners with the science week logo and]

Living Science 2015

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