Engage your students with open-ended science investigations and technology projects through the CREST program.

What is CREST?

The CSIRO CREST Awards program:

  • supports the Australian Curriculum
  • is open to all primary and secondary students
  • covers both science and technology areas of the curriculum
  • is non-competitive
  • encourages success and the development of skills and processes
  • allows students to pursue a topic of interest to them
  • is open-ended.

CREST students undertake real-life open-ended science and technology investigative projects.

Focussed student experimenting  ©CSIRO, Carl Davies

CREST enables students to develop an appreciation of science and technology investigations and can inspire students to take up further studies in science and engineering.

The projects are offered at different levels and provide challenges for all abilities and at both primary and secondary school.

Students who complete a CREST project are rewarded with a certificate and, at some levels, a medallion from CSIRO.

Some benefits of CREST

Benefits for students include:

  • motivating and enjoyable
  • increasing knowledge and understanding of science and technology
  • developing essential practical skills
  • providing commitment and ownership
  • linking school with the world of work
  • involving adults other than teachers
  • securing a tangible record of achievement
  • developing skills sought by industry as outlined by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Benefits for teachers include:

  • a well established program that supports the Australian Curriculum
  • motivating all students
  • adding depth to the curriculum, through a structured, coherent inquiry and problem-solving process
  • offering a national network for support and development
  • providing recognition for the efforts of students, teachers and schools
  • developing skills sought by industry in students.

Benefits for industry and the community include:

  • linking the curriculum to industry and the community
  • raising awareness of the importance of science and technology in business
  • providing input from industry into the education of young people
  • alerting future employers to the wealth of talent available in today's schools.

CREST Contacts

CREST Professional Development

We provide teachers and schools with professional development on CREST and how to implement CREST in your classroom.

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