Build capacity for facilitating open inquiry, and establish and maintain a culture of inquiry in your classroom or school with CREST professional learning.

Professional learning with CREST Education Specialists

The goals of the professional learning program are to enable teachers to build capacity for facilitating open inquiry. To achieve these goals, the CREST professional learning program provides opportunities for teachers to engage with and discuss open inquiry, reflect upon and improve their teaching philosophies and practices, and build their networks with other teachers.

Our workshops provide opportunities for teachers to share their practice, experiences, and ideas, and collaboratively advance their knowledge and understandings of and about science, technology and engineering, and pedagogical practices for facilitating inquiry. Teachers in any stage of their career, with any degree of experience, and who identify as novices through to expert teachers are encouraged to engage in our professional learning program.

Upcoming Events

Currently there are no webinars or workshops scheduled for the first half of 2020. The program will be revitalising this space from July onwards.

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