CREST focuses on the Science Inquiry Skills content descriptors of the Australian Curriculum: Science, as well as aligning with various other content descriptors of Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Understanding strands.

CREST activities can easily be adapted for different school levels all the way from Foundation to Year 10.

We’ve demonstrated how to do this with an example activity – the kitty litter CREST Green activity from the ‘Pets and other animals’ series.

Of course we don’t expect you to use the same activity each year for your CREST students, but if you want to use an activity from another CREST level with your class, you can easily adapt it.

By viewing all of the example activities teachers will see a progression of the skill development in the Science Inquiry Skills strand.

The emphasis is on preparing students to undertake their own open-ended science investigation.

Example CREST activity adapted for different school levels

Comparing the activities between levels will help you adapt other activities yourself. Each file is available in PDF and Word formats.

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