CREST provides real-life open-ended investigations in science and technology for primary and secondary students. Participating students and teachers receive support and guidance.

CREST is not a competition but a program which focuses on the individual and encourages success and the development of skills as students pursue a topic of interest to them.

It is for all students and so can be offered to the whole class as part of the curriculum. Watch this illustration of practice on how CREST is being used to help students plan an independent science investigation .

CREST students are encouraged to:

  • be creative
  • apply their knowledge and skills
  • persevere with their project until they have completed it.

A range of support material is available to help introduce and support open-ended work into your classroom.

Two CREST programs are available; Introductory CREST or Advanced CREST.

Introductory CREST

Recommended for primary students, this program leads students through a series of three CREST Award levels:

  • the structured Green Award
  • the semi-open Orange Award
  • the student-initiated open-ended Blue Award.

As students work through these Award levels they become more self-reliant and self-confident.

Advanced CREST

Recommended for secondary students, this program enables students to develop their own projects, in either science or technology fields.

There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The difference between these award levels is a matter of:

  • time
  • complexity of task
  • scientific and technological ability
  • sheer perseverance on the part of the participants.

CREST in the classroom

CREST can be offered to the whole class and can easily form an integral part of the science and technology curricula, making it an invaluable program in the classroom.

CREST supports the Australian Curriculum and can be incorporated in the school:

  • in mainstream classes
  • during time dedicated to science and/or technology as a class project
  • as a project for assessment
  • to complement or extend existing activities
  • as an entry for a competition or science fair
  • as part of a gifted and talented program or an extra-curricula science or technology club.

Students can work towards earning a CREST Award at any time as there are no deadlines.

How long students take to complete their awards is up to the individual teachers and students.

CREST registration

To take part in the CREST program, you must register your school with the National CREST Office. Once registered, you will be sent a CREST registration pack containing project material and ideas.

CREST support material

When you register your school for CREST, you will be sent support materials for teachers and students.

Teacher Support material includes:

  • teacher handbooks
  • student project planners
  • student handbooks
  • profile cards and sample certificates
  • assessment rubric.

CREST Professional Development

We provide teachers and schools with professional development on CREST and how to implement CREST in your classroom.

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