Introductory CREST Awards program is recommended for primary school students.

Three Introductory CREST Award levels are available to take students from structured science and technology activities and lead them into the roles of the decision-making scientist and technologist.

As students progress from Green, through Orange to Blue, they become more self-reliant and self-confident.

Watch this illustration of practice on how CREST is being used to help students plan an independent science investigation .

Green and Orange CREST

The activities in these Award levels are structured and scaffolding is provided to help the students work through the activities.

Students complete activities selected from one of seven topics, which fit easily into the Australian Curriculum.

CREST supports the Science Inquiry Skills strand of the Australian Curriculum: Science and aligns with the Science as a Human Endeavour strand.

The topics cover:

  • consumer science
  • the needs of pets and other animals and their effects on the environment
  • the effects of the wind
  • colour and how colouring can be achieved
  • food, preservatives and packaging
  • the effects of the sun
  • rocks and minerals.

Green CREST Award

For a Green Award, students complete one science and one technology activity from one of the above topics.

Students can complete as many as they like, but it is not necessary to complete every Green before moving to the Orange Award.

In completing Green activities, students become familiar with many of the skills and processes involved in carrying out a scientific 'fair test' and the technology design process.

Orange CREST Award

To complete an Orange award, students:

  • complete four smaller background research activities (science or technology) in one of the topics above
  • complete a challenge activity (science or technology) from the same area as the background research, in which they must find a solution to a problem or develop a science investigation to test an idea
  • communicate the outcome of their challenge activity.

The Orange challenge activities allow students to further develop their skills and processes in the science and technology key learning areas by satisfying selected criteria.

For an Orange science challenge activity, the students:

  • plan and conduct their investigation
  • process and analyse their experimental data
  • record ideas and work completed
  • evaluate and reflect on their achievements
  • communicate their findings.

For an Orange technology challenge activity, the students:

  • investigate solutions to given problems
  • devise a proposal for the best solution
  • plan and carry out production
  • evaluate impacts and processes
  • record ideas and work completed.


For a Blue Award, students complete a creative and original project that involves experimentation (for science projects) or design, construction and appraisal (for technology projects) under the guidance of a supervising teacher. Their project should have an application to the everyday world.

Blue CREST is designed to build upon skills developed in the Green and Orange Awards.

In cases where students have had experience with science investigations and technology design projects, they can go directly to Blue.

Students need to satisfy a range of criteria to successfully complete this open-ended Award.

Student handbooks, Blue Profile Cards and project planners are available to assist the students.

Students completing a Blue CREST Award are encouraged to enter their project into their local Science Teacher Association competitions .

At the discretion of your local STA, projects entered in their competitions are also considered for nomination in the prestigious BHP Billiton Science & Engineering Awards .

Introductory CREST project ideas

We've put together some Introductory CREST project ideas covering biology, physics, kitchen chemistry, around the house technology, sports, hobbies and more. These Blue CREST projects are recommended for primary school students.

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