Register for, or log into, CREST Online to access resources, request awards or record your students' participation in the Creativity in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) Awards.

How much does CREST registration cost?

Initial registration cost is $55 per school (including GST). Annual renewal is $20 (including GST). Register for CREST.

Registration provides access to:

  • a Teacher Handbook (PDF), sent by email upon payment but also downloadable from CREST Online
  • access to CREST online, where inquiries and support material can be downloaded, and CREST Awards can be registered and recognition materials ordered
  • priority invitations to CREST Professional Learning workshops
  • access to a free call number for CREST support.

How much do CREST Awards cost?

There is no cost for Green and Orange CREST Awards. Teachers can download CREST Award certificates to recognise the Green and Orange CREST Award inquiries of their students through CREST Online.

There is also no cost to complete Blue or Bronze CREST Awards, though optional Blue and Bronze CREST Award medallions are available for a cost of $4 per student. Certificates for Blue and Bronze CREST Awards are ordered through CREST Online.

Silver CREST Awards cost $10 per student (GST free) and Gold CREST Awards cost $20 per student (GST free). This cost covers the additional support in the assessment of individual student project proposals and reports. Silver and Gold CREST Award inquiries should be registered in CREST Online as soon as students have begun. Once requirements have been met, a certificate will be sent to recognise the Silver or Gold CREST Award inquiries of students. All students completing Silver and Gold CREST level receive a medallion at no extra cost.

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