CSIRO Educational Datasets are aimed at making it easier for teachers to bring real-world research data into the classrooms.

CSIRO Educational Datasets have been created using data that is available on the CSIRO Data Access Portal. Each dataset has a linked teacher guide and comes in three different levels, Novice, Expert and Programmer. Novice and Expert data is intended for use with spreadsheet software, while Programmer data is intended for use with programming languages.

The provided teacher guides describe the datasets for teachers and provide a range of lesson activities. Datasets are grouped according to where the data's context fits into learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. All of the available dataset packages cover general data literacy content from the Mathematics and Technologies learning areas, as well as the Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills strands of the Science learning area.

The Educational Datasets Companion is a general guide to using data. It provides a basic introduction to some important concepts of data, providing ideas on how to craft questions that can be answered by gathering and exploring data, identifying and examining some common traps in presenting and interpreting data.

Download the Educational Datasets Companion [pdf · 1mb]

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