The Great Barrier Reef Carbon Dioxide Measurements dataset records concentrations of oceanic carbon dioxide and atmospheric conditions along the Great Barrier Reef, taken aboard a moving ship.

This dataset contains measurements recorded using a custom designed sensor located on board the RTM Wakmatha. This sensor records ocean chemistry data along the reef as the ship transports bauxite from Weipa to Gladstone. The dataset contains recordings of salinity, absorbed carbon dioxide and temperature.

To provide context for the ocean chemistry data, the dataset also includes the latitude and longitude, date and time for each measurement, as well as atmospheric carbon dioxide, wind speed and direction.

The data that was used to generate this educational dataset spans a period of five years and was generated as part of the Future Reef MAP project, which is a partnership between Rio Tinto, CSIRO and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, with a focus on oceanic acidification. As this is an ongoing project, there are additional entries available on the CSIRO Data Access Portal that have not been included in this collection.

The Great Barrier Reef Carbon Dioxide Measurements Educational Dataset provides an opportunity for students to explore conditions along the entire Great Barrier Reef, oceanic acidification and ocean chemistry. This dataset is aimed at students in Years 7-10.

Download the Teacher Guide [pdf · 1mb]

Download the Novice Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Expert Data [zip · 3mb]

Download the Programmer Data [zip · 7mb]

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