The Logan's Dam Water Quality dataset records fortnightly observations of water conditions in a dam in South East Queensland.

This dataset contains measurements of the water conditions of Logan's Dam, a small body of water in South East Queensland. These readings were taken with the intention of measuring the impact of an evaporation-reducing monolayer on the dam's surface. The dataset contains readings of water chemistry, water clarity, temperature, salinity and biological masses present in samples from the dam.

Recordings for this data were made every two weeks for two years and provide a general overview of the health of the dam.

The Logan's Dam Water Quality Educational Dataset provides an opportunity for students to explore the way that water conditions change over time, examine potential hazards in water quality, compare related datasets and examine the interactions between water chemistry and biological life. This dataset is aimed at students in Years 7-10.

Download the Teacher Guide [pdf · 1mb]

Download the Novice Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Expert Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Programmer Data [zip · 1mb]

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