The Sydney Particle Study dataset records weather conditions and concentrations of different air pollutants, which were recorded at Westmead in Sydney.

This dataset contains measurements recorded with a system of sensors which measure the concentration of various substances in the air, such as particulates (small particles of dust, soot, pollen etc), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). The dataset also includes general atmospheric conditions at the time of each recording, including temperature, wind speed and direction and humidity.

There are two groups of recordings that make up the Sydney Particle Study Educational Dataset, one taken during February and March of 2011, the other during April and May of 2011. This study was used to improve air particle models to help guide air quality policy.

The Sydney Particle Study Educational Dataset provides an opportunity for students to explore air particles and pollutants, and examine seasonal differences in particles. This dataset is aimed at students in Years 7-10.

Download the Teacher Guide [pdf · 1mb]

Download the Novice Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Expert Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Programmer Data [zip · 13mb]

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