The Reconstructed Global Mean Sea Level dataset records the average global sea level from 1880 to 2009. Measurements have been calculated using tide gauges located around the world and satellite readings.

This dataset contains calculated values indicating the global average sea level, which have been calculated using data from a number of locations to account for local environmental changes, tidal shifts and seasonal changes. These values are expressed as a difference in millimetres from the 1990 global average. The reconstructed values are based on both satellite and tide gauge values, with the satellite values provided separately to allow for comparisons between the two methods.

The Reconstructed Global Mean Sea Level Dataset provides an opportunity for students to explore changes in sea levels, compare measurement methods and create models and predictions based on identified long-term data trends. This dataset is aimed at students in Years 7-10.

Download the Teacher Guide [pdf · 1mb]

Download the Novice Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Expert Data [zip · 1mb]

Download the Programmer Data [zip · 1mb]

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