Generation STEM is a 10 year investment into the development and retention of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in NSW.

As we move into an era of fast-paced technological disruption, a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skilled, innovation-capable workforce will be integral to enabling the growth of our nation and economic prosperity.

There is a clear current and future need for STEM-skilled talent. STEM skills are already in high demand and growing at 1.5 times faster than other jobs. The NSW State Government has made a ten year $25 Million endowment to the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) to establish the Generation STEM initiative to attract, support, retain and train NSW students in STEM and school, into further education and into employment.

Generation STEM will deliver programs that attract more diverse, high‐potential high school students into NSW‐based STEM educational pathways (higher education and vocational education and training) and retain top performers in NSW‐based STEM employment and/or further education.

CSIRO is working closely with industry and the education sector to develop and deliver programs that have proven impact, with a clear focus on achieving measurable results.

How will students benefit?

  • Heightened awareness of local STEM career pathways and opportunities
  • Acquire real world problem-solving skills
  • Exposed to real-world STEM work

How will communities benefit?

  • Higher levels of youth engagement in solving community challenges and engaging with the Council and industry on those issues
  • Positive STEM-based activities for students, which may increase scientific literacy and encourage interest in continuing STEM-based study.
  • Enhanced connections between local schools, local Industry and the broader STEM networks.
  • Increased number of 'work-ready' students transitioning into the local STEM workforce

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