Applications for the 2017 Indigenous STEM Awards have now closed.

Applications for the 2017 Indigenous STEM Awards have now closed. If you missed the deadline, we can grant a short term extension. Contact the Indigenous STEM Awards team at or phone +61 2 4960 6200. 

The flowchart below illustrates the awards eligibility pathways. Applicants or nominees can find the award or awards that are relevant to their situation by following the flow chart. Download the Awards Application flowchart [pdf · 1mb].

Nominations for the 2017 Indigenous STEM Awards are invited from students, teachers, schools, STEM professionals and STEM champions.

Nominations for the Indigenous STEM professional awards and the Indigenous student STEM achievement awards will be sought nationally. These are open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and STEM professionals nationally.

The student science awards, student maths awards, school, teacher and STEM champion awards are open to participants of the Indigenous STEM education project programs.

2017 Awards Eligibility Criteria

The application process consists of three parts:

  • An application form (Word document) to be completed by the applicant or nominator, including a privacy statement, eligibility information and personal information plus the option to respond to the selection criteria either in written format or by video response (maximum 4 minutes)
  • A supporting evidence form (Word document) to be completed by relevant referee(s), to provide comments on the applicant's suitability for the award
  • An online submission form to be completed by the applicant or nominator, to provide personal information plus the facility to upload the full application form, provide a link to an application video (if relevant) and upload up to three supporting evidence documents, such as school results, reference letters from teachers, community members, colleagues or anything else that helps support the application.

Conditions of application

If the applicant is under 18 years of age, consent from their parent/guardian in support of their application is required, which is requested on the application form via a simple tick box. If the applicant is selected as a finalist, their parent/guardian's signature for consent will be requested at that time.

The applicant must also be willing to participate in promotional media opportunities, if they are successful in winning an award.

Selection criteria

The application will be assessed based on specific selection criteria detailed against each award. Please keep them in mind when completing the application in order to demonstrate how the applicant fulfils these criteria.

How to apply

  • Download the appropriate application form and supporting evidence form below
  • Complete the application form (electronically in Microsoft Word format, but if necessary the form can be printed and completed by hand then scanned into an electronic format)
  • The applicant's referee will need to complete the supporting evidence form
  • Go to the online submission page (applications open 16 October)
  • Complete the online submission form, including details about the applicant and nominator and, if applicable, supporting video (max 4 min) application URL
  • Upload files:
    • Completed application form
    • Up to three supporting evidence documents
  • If you are not able to lodge your application online, please contact the Indigenous STEM Awards team at or phone +61 2 4960 6200 to arrange to post your application instead.
  • The applicant/nominator will receive an email to confirm your application has been received. All applicants/nominators will be notified about the outcome of the application after all applications have been assessed.

Application forms and Supporting Evidence forms

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Maths Awards

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Science Awards

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student STEM Achievement Awards (Secondary and Tertiary)

School Award

Teacher Award

STEM Champion Award

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STEM Professional Awards (Early Career and Career Achievement)

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