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Indigenous STEM Education Project Contacts

Project Enquiries

Max Lenoy View profile External link
Executive Manager Education - SERVICES

Media Enquiries

Lizzie Duthie View profile External link
Communication Advisor - STEM Professionals in Schools - CORPORATE AFFAIRS

Phone +61738335728
Contact Lizzie Duthie

Monitoring and Evaluation Enquiries

Chris Banks View profile External link
Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation - SERVICES

Phone +61738335999
Phone +61436675490 (Mobile)
Contact Chris Banks

Indigenous STEM Awards Enquiries

Geoff Guymer View profile External link
Indigenous STEM Awards Program Coordinator, ASSETS Learning & Support Coordinator - SERVICES

Phone +61395452945
Contact Geoff Guymer

Inquiry for Indigenous Science Students (I2S2) Enquiries

Kim Dyball
Education Manager - CSIRO Services

Contact Kim Dyball

Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) Enquiries

Jen Parsons View profile External link
Project Manager - SERVICES

Phone +61738335561
Contact Jen Parsons

Bachelor of Science (Extended) Enquiries

PRIME Futures Enquiries

Tom Cooper

Phone +61 7 3138 3331
Phone 0448771797 (Mobile)
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