A suite of teaching resources have been designed to ensure that the classroom teacher is supported to confidently deliver the inquiries.

Online Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development is delivered to new teachers through four hours after school mode of delivery and four to six hours of online teacher professional development. Online modules have been tailored to each specific year level.

Teacher Professional Development Session Time allocation
Please note each year level has a specific stream of modules
Online Module 1 - Introduction to the Teacher Background Information resources Approximate duration of modules is 4-6 hours.
Teachers can review the modules
as required for further implementation support.
Online Module 2 - Inquiry #1 Setting the Scene
Online Module 3 - Inquiry #1 Scaffolded Inquiry
Online Module 4 - Inquiry #1 Guided Inquiry
Online Module 5 - Inquiry #2 Setting the Scene
Online Module 6 - Inquiry #2 Scaffolded and Guided Inquiry

Teacher background information

Year 5 What's Cooking resources

The teacher background information for each year level contains detailed information relating to:

  • traditional context
  • Australian Curriculum links
  • science content
  • science inquiry process
  • teaching sequence
  • assessment information

Suggested learning experiences

The suggested learning experiences is a guiding document for teachers delivering each inquiry which contains:

  • in-depth lesson plans for the teaching sequence
  • resource lists for each lesson
  • key teacher questions (teacher prompts)
  • ICT enhancements
  • collaborative learning strategies

Student inquiry and vocabulary eBooks

Thumbnail image of I2S2 Year 8 Fire Student Guided Inquiry eBook Resource

I2S2 Year 8 Fire Student Guided Inquiry eBook Resource

The student inquiry and vocabulary eBooks provide an opportunity to support inquiry specific vocabulary used in each inquiry. The eBook creates opportunity for:

  • multimodal responses to inquiry and vocabulary activities
  • digital recording of each stage of the inquiry
  • alternative assessment strategies for students with low literacy levels

Each eBook is available as a PowerPoint and Black Line Master ensuring that all schools will be able to take advantage of these resources.

Teacher PowerPoints

Teacher PowerPoints for each stage of the inquiry:

  • setting the scene
  • scaffolded inquiry
  • guided inquiry

Teacher PowerPoints are provided to assist multi-modal delivery within the classroom. Each PowerPoint contains:

  • relevant content information and images
  • teacher notes that link to the Suggested Learning Experience
  • animations
  • navigation panels for linking with eBooks

Inquiry planners and procedures

The inquiry planners and procedures allow students to be scaffolded through conducting a scientific inquiry. As students' progress to more open ended inquiries, the planners change to reflect this.

Science knowledge and application questions

The science knowledge and application resources provide a resource for students to demonstrated Science knowledge and apply this knowledge to new situations. The resource provides opportunities for students to demonstrate:

  • science content understanding
  • the links between Indigenous science and western science
  • the importance of acknowledging and applying these links in modern scientific context.


Wikispaces is an online repository of files for each inquiry. Once teachers have completed the teacher professional development, a Wikispaces account is assigned to them and they are then able to download any file required, at any time. Inquiry resources are packaged into zip folders to allow a single download for heads of departments or heads of curriculum to place onto school servers.

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