A series of case study evaluation reports provide an in-depth examination of the programs that comprise the Indigenous STEM Education Project.

Case study reports provide an in-depth assessment of the degree to which programs are meeting their intended outcomes, as described in Impact Pathways. Our approach to case studies includes ensuring the voices of program participants and communities are strongly represented. Case studies utilise a range of evidence to make assessments of program success. Evidence generally comprises information collected through interviews, surveys, and administrative and government data. The case study reports take a strengths-based approach, focusing on what is working well and how to replicate and sustain positive outcomes.

Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities

The case study evaluation of Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities found that the program: established strong, effective partnerships with schools and other stakeholders; increased student and community engagement in education; increased educator confidence and capacity to plan and undertake Two-way Science using on Country contexts; and improved school capacity to embed Aboriginal ecological knowledge into the Australian Curriculum.

Bachelor of Science (Extended)

The Bachelor of Science (Extended) case study report found that the program is achieving its intended outcomes, including students experiencing effective individualised and culturally responsive support, a high student retention rate and the use of Indigenous scientific knowledges in the curriculum. A number of challenges and recommendations have also been identified.

Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS)

The Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) evaluation case study outcomes report found that the program is meeting its intended outcomes, including effectively providing opportunities to high achieving Year 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to explore study and career options in STEM.

Purposeful Rich Indigenous Mathematics Education (PRIME) Futures Program

The PRIME Futures case study report found that the program substantially met its intended aims, including increased teacher understanding and capacity, and increased student engagement, learning, and understanding in mathematics.

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